Cr33kzKutz is owned and operated by the talented, De'Jon Creeks.

At Cr33kzKutz, we strive to provide an unmatched experience. We offer haircutting services and facials in the comfort of your desired location or at our shop location in Rosharon, Texas. Come get elevated!


In Shop

Monday: 8am-8pm

Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday: 8am-7pm

Thursday: Mobile Availability Only

Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday - Closed



Men's cut with grooming: $50

Women's haircut w/simple design: $40

Children: $25

Wave treatment: $25

Edge/Line Up: $15

Edge/Line Up with facial lining and enhancements: $20

Mobile service men: $70

Mobile service women: $50

Mobile kids: $30

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"De'Jon Creeks is hands down one of the best barbers I've had the pleasure of going to. His craftsmanship and precision are second to none. Every time I leave Cr33kzKutz, I feel like a new person with a fresh haircut. De'Jon's friendly personality and the welcoming atmosphere of the barbershop make the experience even better. If you want a fantastic haircut, De'Jon is your guy!""

- Jason E.

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""De'Jon Creeks is the real deal when it comes to barbers. His expertise is evident in the way he transforms a haircut into a work of art. I appreciate his attention to detail and commitment to ensuring every customer leaves with a smile. De'Jon's skills are matched only by his friendly demeanor, creating a fantastic overall experience. Cr33kzKutz is where you'll find De'Jon and top-tier haircuts!""

- Gayle V.

We are located at

Rosharon, TX 77583

Rosharon, TX 77583, USA

We're looking forward to your visit!

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"De'Jon Creeks is a top-notch barber, and I've been a satisfied customer for a while now. He pays great attention to detail and consistently delivers fantastic haircuts. Whether it's a classic style or something more modern, De'Jon knows how to make you look your best. I highly recommend his services at Cr33kzKutz!"

- Hunter G.

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